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Links de Tutoriales - Part1_mas Free Plugins
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Autor Mensaje

Registrado: 06 May 2006
Mensajes: 3050

MensajePublicado: Sab Oct 06, 2007 5:23 am    Asunto: Links de Tutoriales - Part1_mas Free Plugins Responder citando

Cuando se busca algo en la red en ocasiones se da con páginas que no es lo que uno buscaba, tome la costumbre de anotarlas en un .doc para un regreso posterior, muchas de las cuales nunca regrese a verlas, desvelado a esta hora se me ocurrió hacer limpieza, a punto de borrarlo decidí postearlo por si alguien lo quiere aprovechar, algunas paginas cayeron, el tiempo pasa, aclaro que son links aptos sin problemas, o sea santitos. los otros los deje aparte, jajaja. En este post pongo free plugins, no los he bajados todos, no se si todos son free, los que baje si.
Las paginas son en Ingles menos una en Frances.
En algunas paginas les puse una pre información, para que se den cuenta lo que contienen.
Puede ser que algunos de estos link ya hayan sido posteados. yo, lo ignoro.

Tutoriales Digital Hotcakes

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutoriales como ejemplo puse los tutos de Premier los demás tienen lo suyo.

Importing sequences
Compositing using track mattes
Picture in Picture Effect
Creating a multi-layer composition
Using Wedding Essentials Wipes
Using FilmFX
Using the Green Screen Key and more..
Adobe Premiere Elements Tutorials
Adobe Premiere 6.5 Tutorials
Final Cut Pro Tutorials
Pinnacle Studio 10 Tutorials
Pinnacle Studio 9 Tutorials
Quicktime Pro Tutorials
Roxio Video Wave 9
Sony Vegas Video Tutorials
Ulead MediaStudio Pro Tutorials
Wedding Essentials Primer


6 páginas de tutoriales variados, algunos títulos.

Photoshop CS3: Clone Source
Illustrator CS3: Working with Live Color
Dreamweaver CS3: CSS Layouts (Part Four)
Photoshop CS3: Quick Selection Tool
InDesign CS3: Working With Transparency
Photoshop CS3: Smart Filters
Tek Tip: Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts
Photoshop CS3: Creating a Photo Montage with CS3 Tools
InDesign CS3: New Text Effects
Flash CS3: Designing Your Interface
Illustrator CS3: Crop Area Tool
After Effects 7 : Titles (Part 1 of 3)
InDesign CS2 : Transforming Objects (Part 3 of 3)
InDesign CS2: Creating a Custom Look with Strokes (Part 4 of 4)
Apple Aperture: Advanced Image Correction (Part 4 of 4)
Adobe Premiere Pro 2: Creating Nested Sequences (Part 4 of 4)
Soundtrack 1.5: Creating Audio for Video (Part 2 of 2)
Flash 8: Serving FLV Content (Part 3 of 3)
Avid: 3D Effects in Avid XPress Pro (Part 1 of 3)
Adobe After Effects 7: Title Sequence Animation Design in Adobe After Effects 7 (Part 4 of 5)
Motion 2: Working with Replicators in Apple's Motion (Part 2 of 3)

Tutoriales Pag. Francesa

La mayoria de los tutoriales son en pagina web, con las imágenes se entiende bien.


post-production - Montages


Tutoriales Adobe

Tutoriales SONY VEGAS

Tutorial - Magic Masks with Digital Juice and Sony Vegas

Tutoriales - Topicos de musica


Pagina Principal

Tutorial for Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro

List of effects with pictures (1.5Mb)-

Tutoriales motionworks

Tutoriales varios requiere registro

Adobe Premiere Pro 2
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Illustrator CS2
After Effects 7
Final Cut Pro 5
Avid Xpress Pro
Encore DVD
Soundtrack Pro
Y mas…

Tutorials & Reviews

boujou 4 (13)

Adobe After Effects (75)
The Basics(13)
Technical Stuff(9)
Motion Math(2)

Adobe Flash (9)
Site Building(2)
Flash 101(1)

Adobe Illustrator (2)
Integration with Maxon Cinema 4D(1)

Adobe Photoshop (72)
Technical Stuff(5)
Layer Styles(2)
Adjustment Layers(2)

Adobe Premiere
Plug-ins (1)
Editing (1)

Apple Final Cut Pro
Plug-ins (5)
Editing (2)

Boris Continuum Complete AVX (2)
Boris Graffiti (1)
Boris Red (1)

Maxon Cinema 4D
Integration with After Effects (12)
The Basics (6)
Modules (4)

Reviews (0)
Plug-in Reviews(21)
Software Reviews(13)

Total Training (0)
Adobe After Effects(4)

Free Plug-ins

After Effects plug-ins
• AlphaPlugins FirTree- Create animated fir tree branches.
• AlphaPlugins New Year Toy - Create different kinds of New Year toys for decorating of New Year tree.
• Amber Visual Widescreen Mask - A simple tool to crop footage in After Effects.
• Amber Visual Chroma Smoother - Recreates the chroma channels of digital video, reducing compression artifacts and color in After Effects.
• Amber Visual Broadcast Legaliser - A free plug-in For After Effects.
• Buena AEFlame - Comic Recursive Fractal Flames.
• Buena Swatch Buckler - Adds a floating color palette to After Effects' user interface. Free.

• Conoa FreeStreak - A free plug-in from Conoa.

• Digital Film Tools Fast Blur - Fast Blur is included for free with Digital Film Tools 55mm, Digital Film Tools Composite Suite and Digital Film Tools Digital Film Lab.
• FAN XMULT - Creates an alpha channel based on the highest luminance value of each pixel.
• Fnord j2k - A free plug-in for reading and writing the JPEG 2000 file format, the successor to JPEG.
• Fnord SuperPNG A free plug-in that fully supports the PNG format.
• Fnord SuperTIFF - A free plug-in for Adobe After Effects that provides more complete support for TIFF than AE does natively.
• Frischluft Field Fixer - A free plug-in which allows the user to correct field problems manually by selecting upper and lower field for the current frame.
• Frischluft HSL Selection - Free plug-in that selects HSL.
• GridIron Software X-Factor - Free version for just two additional CPUs, which can as much as double the speed of preview processing and rendering.
• Matrox WYSIWYG filters - View the compositing window on a video monitor or TV in both DV and D1 resolution
• ObviousFX Copy Image - A simple utility that copies the current composition image to the Windows Clipboard, allowing easy pasting into other image applications.
• ObviousFX Erodilation - Erodes or dilates an image, to produce blocky, glowing or hollow effects.
• The Omino After Effects Suite
o Omino Halftone
o Omino Sphere Map
o Omino Squares
o Omino Feedback
o Omino Diffusion
o Omino Mino Colorizer
• OpenSpace/KaZuhiro FuRuhata M-HeboHebo - Several free plug-ins for color, lines and gradients.
• PatchMaker Arkan B-Spline Transfer - Convert border of a raster mask or any closed polyline into B-spline representation.
• Pete Warden After Effects Plugins-Win/Mac - Free plug-ins with source code.
• Pete WardenFreeFrame FX - FreeFrame is the open-source cross-platform real-time video effects plug-in
• Pete Warden FreeFrame Host for After Effects PC - Free plug-ins with source code.
• Phillipp Spoeth RetroDots - Free dot rendering program
• Phillipp Spoeth Shear - Free distortion filter
• Phillipp Spoeth Sine Dot Shader - Free filter
• The Plugin Site Harry's Filters - Filters for changing color or mood, creating artistic effects, producing colorful gradients, patterns, warping and noise.
• Profound Effects Crop - Crop the edges of a video layer to remove unwanted video blanking pixels at the edges of the layer, or use the border color setting to apply a border effect to the layer.
• Profound Effects Reveal - Search for compositions, video and audio footage, layers, solids (including nulls and adjustment layers), effects, masks, cameras, and lights in the nested depths of your current After Effects project.
• Profound Effects Bullnose Mask - Create a rounded rectangular mask (sometimes known as a bull-nosed matte) on video or solid layers.
• Red Giant Software Knoll Unmult - Recreates the opacity or alpha channel of a layer based on luminance also called brightness of the lens flare. Unmult assumes that the lens flare is rendered against black. The image is also adjusted to compensate for the new alpha channel.
• Scott Frizzle Quaker - Earthquake effects
• Sebastian Mecklenburg Looper
• Sebastian Mecklenburg Raybeam
• Sebastian Mecklenburg Switcher
• Sebastian Mecklenburg Talker
• WalkerFX SW Effects - Variety of effects, currently unavailable.
• WalkerFX Super Histogram - inspect image and layer data.
• Synthetic Aperture Test Pattern Maker - A free utility for generating video and audio test patterns.

Apple Final Cut Pro Freebies

• CGM Aged Film LE - A free Plug-in to create an aged film look in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express.
• CHV Silk and Fog (Free) - The free Silk-filter for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express by CHV-electronics Silk and Fog V4.0 provides you with 5 effects
• CHV Silhouette (Free) - Create pretty silhouettes around objects iSilhouette is a video filter that colorizes the silhouette of an object.
• CHV Towers of Film 3D A free FxPlug plugin by CHV-electronics.
• DigMo Aperture to Final Cut Pro
• Marcus's Final Cut Pro Plug-in's

Apple Motion Freebies
• CHV Towers of Film 3D A free FxPlug plugin by CHV-electronics.

Lista de Plugins


Aquí van a encontrar 25 paginas con ejemplos en la utilizacion del plugin, estos ejemplos son proyectos para el After, con PSD y musica si es necesario. . Los proyectos son en ingles.
Les pongo 2 ejemplos.

File details for trapcode

File Title:
Gridsurface 4df
Download this file here : particular4dfmcol.aep
File Description:
Trapcode Particular - particles on an even grid modulated by a 4d fractal.

Number of Downloads: 24557

File details for zero_michel

File Title:
Floral Template - Flower 3
Download this file here :
File Description:
In the Work Floral Template, I used 3D Stroke, Sound Keys and Starglow Trapcode Plugins, convert to Wav the sound file or replace any what you like to. Have a nice day....

Number of Downloads: 539

Date uploaded: 2007-09-28


Igual que con Trapcode.

• CycoreFX Basic Project
• Particle World Demo
• Time Blend FX Fun
• PW using Layers as Particles
• Link AE3D to PW3D

• CycoreFX HD Basic Project (30.03.2007)
• Particle World HD Demo (30.03.2007)
• PW HD Butterfly Particles (18.10.2004)
• PW HD Layers as Particles (14.10.2004)

Tutoriales Red Giant Recomendado

Magic Bullet Colorista
Instant HD
Key Correct Pro
Knoll Light Factory
Trapcode Shine
Trapcode Starglow
Trapcode Particular
Trapcode Sound Keys
Trapcode Lux
Trapcode EchoSpace
Trapcode 3D Stroke

Tutoriales Digital Anarchy

A la derecha de la página observen que hay mas tutoriales.

3D Assistants

Aurora Sky

Trabajando con Particleillusion 3.0 and After Effects

Video Tutorial

Tutoriales After Effect buena página

Preset #15 : Trapcode
CINEMA 4D for AE users (part 3)
Creating a 3D Door in AE : PART 1
Valentines Day: Fractal'd Heart
Using PSD icon as AE import (and editing a Layer from AE)
Lights and Lux for AE
Lights in AE and C4D
EZ Altimeter: Simple Expressions
Trapcode's Particular : Light Emitter - Part 2
Quick Tip: Magic Bullet for Editors / QuickStart & Review
Quick Tip: Using Photoshop to create INVIGORATOR SOURCES
After Effects Spline Tricks, Part 3
Quick Tip: Mask Colors (spline color)
Processing Animations with Photoshop
Vapor/Smoke/Fire with noise
Displacement (Bump) mapping in AE

La lista es demasiada larga, solo puse algunos.

Mas Tutoriales After Effect

Dan 1 tutorial como ejemplo de cada CD


Tutorial Sample CD 1
Lessons 2 The Chart

Tutorial Sample CD 2
Lesson 2 Making the DNA Background

Tutorial Sample CD 3
Lesson 3 Building the Animated Stroke

Tutorial Sample CD 4
Lesson 2 Creating a Starfield

Tutorial Sample CD 5
Lesson 2 Building Stroke Curves

Tutorial Sample CD 6
Lesson 1 The Fire Background

Tutorial Sample CD 7
Lesson 2 The Futuristic Background

Tutorial Sample CD 8
Lesson 8 Creating a Radar

Tutorial Sample CD 9
Lession 1 Creating a Moon


3D basics
expressions basics
special effects
motion graphics and misc



10 Free Fully Customizable Fractal Noise Clouds for After Effects 7.0 Professional
29 Free Customizable Text Animations For After Effects 7
Beginners After Effects 7 Project for Download
NAB Class 7.0 AEPs for download - Colorizing Footage
NAB Class 7.0 After Effects Projects for download - Colorizing Logos
NAB Class 7.0 After Effects Projects - Creating an Alpha Channel for the Lens Flare
57 6.5 After Effects Projects
Lightning 7.0 After Effects Projects
10 3D Light After Effects Projects
10 Space Scenes Projects in Adobe After Effects 7.0 Pro
10 Abstract Element Projects in Adobe After Effects 7.0 Pro
After Effects Projects for the 3D Camera
Water 7.0 After Effects Projects
Fire 7.0 After Effects Projects
CD 11 Welcome To Hawaii Travel Open
NAB Class 7.0 After Effects Projects - Particles
Free 7.0 AEP from CD 11 Welcome To Hawaii Travel Open


Premiere Pro CS3

Picture-in-Picture and Split-Screen Effects in Premiere Pro CS3
Advanced Effects with the Track Matte Key
Video Editing for Beginners
Going from Premiere Pro to Encore to Flash is as easy as CS3
Getting your sequence from Premiere Pro into After Effects and back
Video Podcast: Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 with Jeff Schell

Apple Motion
Avid Professional
DVD Studio Pro
Final Cut Pro

Tutos Varios

Edit a Multi-Cam Shoot in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
Track and Keyframe a Complex Shot Automatically with Imagineer Mocha
Animate a Still Image with Adobe After Effects 8.0 Puppet Tool
Leverage Your Final Cut Pro Skill Set and Apply It in an Avid Environment
Rescue Badly Recorded Audio with Sony Sound Forge 9 and iZotope
Create A Photo-Real Project Using Camera Projection in Maya 8.5

Star and swirl in Illustrator
Fantasy digital matte painting
Rigging a character for After Effects
Digital collages without filters
Sketch to paint in Photoshop
Stencil poster effects in Photoshop
Google Earth zoom effect
Create a TV bumper - pt 2
Fantasy light effects in Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Retouching tips - pt 3
Graphic novel - pt 4
Working with RAW images - pt 2
Retouching - pt2
Surreal Photography 4
Designing DVD Menus 2
Using mattes in Adobe After
Bueno hasta aca llege, puse algunos titulos para que tengan idea, hay mas de 7 paginas, no las mire todas.

GridIron Nucleo Pro 2.0

Script After Effect

Introduction to Expressions

Y el famoso Adobe

Algunos proyectos como:

Matrix text

Y a su derecha:

Animation Presets
Displacement Maps
Project templates
Text Animation Presets

Tutoriales Sony Vegas

Los titulos en la banda negra superior

Como andan con el Italiano.

Los tutos son para descarga.

Adobe Premiere 54 tutoriales
Apple Final Cut 21
Avid Liquid Edition 46
Avid Xpress Pro 3
Pinnacle Studio 21
Sony Vegas 43
Ulead MediaStudio 20
VirtualDub 4
Mas tutoriales sobre montaje de audio, composición, gráfica y autoria.

Hay mas páginas, pero no valen la pena.


Les gusta mi fondo de pantalla...jajaja
Lo bueno es compartir.

Última edición por juanmario el Mar Oct 23, 2007 8:58 pm, editado 4 veces
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Registrado: 22 Mar 2002
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MensajePublicado: Sab Oct 06, 2007 6:50 am    Asunto: Responder citando

Muchas Gracias JUANMARIO, muy buen aporte
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La Cabra M

Registrado: 30 Mar 2006
Mensajes: 53
Ubicación (País): Salta, Argentina

MensajePublicado: Sab Oct 06, 2007 8:46 am    Asunto: Responder citando

Gran Aporte Compañero. Gracias otales
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Registrado: 20 Abr 2006
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Ubicación (País): argenchina

MensajePublicado: Sab Oct 06, 2007 8:40 pm    Asunto: Responder citando

se le agradece por las guias (tutos)

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Registrado: 06 May 2006
Mensajes: 3050

MensajePublicado: Vie Oct 12, 2007 11:13 pm    Asunto: Responder citando

He agragado los links de la parte 2 a este post para que estén todos juntos.

Lo bueno es compartir.
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Registrado: 10 Ene 2003
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MensajePublicado: Mie Nov 21, 2007 8:25 am    Asunto: Responder citando

exelente informacion
muy completa
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Registrado: 04 Ene 2007
Mensajes: 202

MensajePublicado: Mar Nov 27, 2007 12:54 pm    Asunto: Responder citando

Millon de gracias Juan Mario, seguro que los vamos a aprovechar... saludos
"El que no vive para servir, no sirve para vivir"
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Registrado: 31 Oct 2006
Mensajes: 737

MensajePublicado: Mar Dic 04, 2007 3:48 pm    Asunto: Responder citando

muy buenas las direcciones.
espero también algún día necesitarlas, ya que soy de "cachibachear" informacion que ni uso...
en cuanto al dinosaurio.... lo realizaste vos?
hace un par de años tenía un proyecto para hacer una animación con estos bichos. solo que contaba con la idea, el guión, el concepto, todo... menos el como materializarlo.
Vos te dedicás a realizar este tipo de trabajos?
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Registrado: 06 May 2006
Mensajes: 3050

MensajePublicado: Mar Dic 04, 2007 11:19 pm    Asunto: Responder citando

No master, no los e realizado yo, lo que sucede es que buscando algunas cosas, en ocaciones terminas encontrando otras, las cuales vislumbro perspactivas de que en algun momento puedo llegar a usarlas, para algunos lo consideran basura, para mi no.
Desde cosas pequeñas como las de tu interes:

Muchos gif tienen transparencias, y los que no, pues es solo cuestion de eliminar el fondo blanco, fácil.

O cosas mas grandes como esta:

En formato gif podes encontrar de todo, con buena calidad para ser montado, marcos, guardas, flores, animales, anillos, etc.
La red es un mundo de recursos, solo tiene uno que pensar como utilizarlos.

Feliz Navidad.

Lo bueno es compartir.
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